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Hoyo Tech

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За компанијата

We work on creating entire software ecosystem for any IoT solution, including mobile, web, wearable and low-level applications, acting as a single-point-of-contact service provider.
Our product portfolio:
- Smart Home IoT solutions including firmware for standalone home appliances and mobile apps facilitating their management, central hubs orchestrating devices within a Smart Home system and complex Home Automation solutions.
- Fleet Management solution for Transport and Logistics companies that own fleet of vehicles. Integrations with different sensor types that include temperature for refrigerated transportation, fuel sensors in type of Fuel Level sensors, Flow Meters, Ultrasonic sensors, BLE sensors, RFID identification, in-vehicle video monitoring, collision prevention systems for aftermarket vehicles, vehicle CAN Bus readings and more.
- Intelligent Vending Machine solution based on Arduino Uno to receive statistical data from the vending machine through RS232 protocol
- Industrial IoT solution that is drone based

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