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schoene neue kinder was founded in 2001 – at the time when the internet was still just learning to walk. Like a child, it was cute and a little clumsy, but evolving at a breathtaking pace. It was getting bigger and more diverse every day — not unlike our projects. Since our founding one thing has always remained the same: our passion for technology and design. As a digital agency for outstanding digital customer experiences, we provide our customers with expertise in the areas of strategy, design, technology and marketing. All disciplines critical to success are deeply embedded in our DNA, and are represented by partners with proven experience and expertise in their respective fields. This distinguishes us from many other service providers. We analyze customer journeys, identify relevant touchpoints and develop tailor-made cross-channel digital solutions for sales, marketing and service. This is how we assist companies in creating seamless customer experiences. Wegive them concrete competitive advantages by bringing their products to life and helping them gain and retain customers.

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